Twitter ads are designed to engage, not distract the social networking site’s 310 million active users. So if you’re looking to deliver high quality ads to a highly targeted audience, Twitter is one of the best platforms out there.

You can use Promoted Tweets to make a post stand out from the rest, giving you increased visibility, engagement, and traffic. It’s ideal if you want to promote an event, offer deals, or advertise particular products or services.
Twitter can also bring you closer to your target audience with Promoted Accounts. These accounts are suggested to users who are already following accounts that are similar to your company or the product or service that you offer.
Finally, there’s Promoted Trends. Want to be the talk of town? Twitter can help you do that based on your chosen time, context, and event.
We can help you maximise your results from your Twitter ads by creating custom ads that match your branding, tracking results of your campaigns, and managing your accounts. Plus, because we love constantly testing campaigns, we’ll be more than happy to refine your campaigns to generate even better results than your last one.