Here at Marketing Lab, we take advantage of the latest and greatest things technology has to offer when it comes to designing and developing websites. It allows us to combine form and function to create beautiful websites that work effectively whether you want to increase your traffic, improve brand perception, or something else altogether.

Here are some of the latest technologies we infuse in our projects:

Responsive Websites

As more and more people access the internet on their smartphones, creating a responsive website has become critical in ensuring that your visitors will have a smooth and seamless experience when they visit yours. This type of technology allows your website to provide a standard brand experience regardless of the device that they’re using, be it a PC, smartphone, or a tablet.

Creating a responsive website requires a lot of work because we have to test how your website functions on a wide array of devices, not to mention the variety of browsers out there. However, it’s the kind of work that pays off by several folds because it not only provides a rich experience to your visitors, it also has a huge impact on your Google search rankings. The latter is especially important since the search giant has tweaked its algorithm in 2015 to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in its results. So unless your website is responsive, you could be losing a huge amount of traffic every day.

Life-like Videos

Flash-based videos are long gone and have been replaced by HTML5, making it easier for visitors to view videos without requiring them to download additional software. What’s more is that it’s also easier and more practical for you to deliver life-like 4K videos online, which has been made possible by the increasing ubiquity of ultra-high-definition TVs and monitors, and websites like YouTube that can host and play that type of video.

That is why if you’re looking for a creative company that can help you create, publish, and promote your videos online, we’re the right team for the job. Our professional videographer, and marketing and development teams can work together to turn your vision into a reality, whether you want your video to showcase a product, explain a service, or persuade people to sign up.

Smart User Interface

We don’t design elements of your website just for the sake of beauty. We also make sure that everything works together to make your website easy to use and navigate. Doing so helps cut the time needed to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Part of this strategy is creating a smart user interface (UI). We make the essential elements stand out and place them in a clean layout so visitors can see them immediately and take action right away. That’s not all. We also choose an optimal size for the UI so that your visitors won’t have a hard time interacting with them regardless of the device that they’re using. If you’ve ever encountered trying to tap on a tiny button on your smartphone, you know what we’re talking about and what we’re
trying to solve.

High-Resolution Graphics

Many high end devices today feature high-resolution graphics, such as Apple’s iPads and Macbooks with ‘Retina’ screens. Their resolution is often touted as better than their print counterparts–the pixels are so small that you have to look very closely in order to see individual ones on the screen.

Now if you have low-resolution images on your website, these will be displayed poorly on newer hi-res screens. It’s not something that you want if you want to showcase your products online.

To solve this, we make sure that we provide high-resolution formats of your website’s images for the benefit of hi-res websites. Other lower-resolution versions of the image will also be provided for devices with non-Retina screens and those that want to minimise data downloads.

In addition, we’ll also use SVG graphics where applicable, such as your UI elements. These come in small file sizes so that they load quickly and don’t eat up a lot of data. More importantly, these are vector-based images, which means you can increase their size infinitely and they’ll still look crisp and sharp, making them ideal in today’s multi-device world.

Stunning Animations

Even with the presence of high-speed internet connections, page load times can still be a problem especially for websites with data-hungry media, such as videos and high-resolution images. Make visitors wait longer and they’ll likely exit your website immediately. This is where animations come in.

Animations enable you to load elements of your website elegantly without boring your visitors and making them leave. It plays an integral part of a good user experience, which can spell the difference between regular traffic and traffic that you can effectively convert into customers.

Progressive Enhancement

A continuing challenge that web designers and developers face is ensuring a seamless experience to all your visitors regardless of their connection speed and the device that they’re using. After all, even if we use the latest technologies on a website, the connection speed and the device will ultimately be the limiting factors in the entire equation.

With progressive enhancement, we make it possible for you to deliver media-rich content without creating a sluggish experience to those with low-end devices. This is where we combine our expertise in creating accessible website, use of semantic HTML markup, and employing external scripting technologies and stylesheets. That way, only the essential elements of the website are displayed when we detect a visitor on a slow connection and older device, and provide the full experience to those with broadband internet and a more modern PC, smartphone, or tablet.