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As of January 2016, Spotify had 100 million active users, with each one streaming music for 148 minutes daily on average. Because of that, Spotify is undoubtedly the biggest music streaming app in the world today. While it provides ad-free plans, 75% of its users are on its ad-supported platform. You can engage them in between tracks using audio, video, or image ads.

Targeting customers with Spotify is more unique than most ad platforms. You can, for example, target them based on the playlist they’re listening to. So if they’re listening to playlists designed for road trips, you can engage them with deals on hotels or car rental services.
You can also run your ads in a sequence, creating an engaging narrative listeners would want to hear more of.
Of course, there are also your regular targeting tools based on age, gender, location, and time of day, so you can deliver more effective ads to the right audience.