You probably know that your potential customers need to see your ads several times before they become aware of it, and even more times to get them interested in your product. This is where remarketing comes in.

It’s a way for you to display ads to customers who have already shown interest in your products, such as by visiting your website or clicking on your ads. These ads are served via the Google Display Network, which gives you access to over 2 million websites and display your ads there, particularly video, rich media, and simple text ads.

We can help make your reach as broad or as specific as you like. That means you can choose to reach everyone who visited your website, or only those who looked at particular products.

Linking your remarketing campaign with Google Analytics lets you refine your targeting further, such as the amount of time they spent on your website. That way, you can target only customers who spent more time on your website and are thus more likely to purchase your products.