moment marketing.

Moment marketing helps you bridge the gap between your offline and online campaigns at the right moment.

If your customers are watching a movie trailer or listening to music, moment marketing lets you deliver relevant information to them exactly when they want to know more about the film or the artist. You can, for example, provide them with more information about the actors in the movie, times when they can watch it in nearby theatres, or tour schedules of the artist they’re listening to.

Moment marketing can also be location-based, so you can reach your target audience with content they need not just at the right time but also at the right place. This includes restaurant and food recommendations, and activities they can do in the area.

You can also tap into moment marketing to provide helpful how-to tutorials that users can try out. If you’re in the business of selling kitchen utensils, for example, you can use video tutorials that teach your target audience how to prepare their favourite dishes, featuring your products, naturally.

Finally, moment marketing can make it quicker and easier for your target audience to purchase your products the moment they need them. Complement your products with relevant information so that your customers can make a better-informed decision on the product they wish to buy.