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With this type of ad, your product image, its price, and your shop’s name will be displayed in the search results on Google’s website or on the Google Shopping page. When someone clicks on the ad, they’ll be directed to your website so they can purchase your item immediately. It’s that powerful.

Called Product Listing Ads, it enables you to connect with an audience that’s already interested and ready to buy what you have to offer. These sponsored ads will be displayed near the top and side of the page along with other paid ads. Customers can then compare prices of these products and click on those that interest them.

Like Google’s other ad platforms, you can narrow down your target audience based on their demographics, device, and location, making your campaigns more accurate and resonant. Plus, our ad management service includes optimising your bids based on your preferred budget and product performance, so you can maximise your funds while ensuring that you get more purchases on your best-selling products. We’ll also filter traffic to make sure your ads are displayed only in relevant searches. With ad extensions, there will also be seller ratings based on reviews from customers, which helps improve your perception, translating to better sales.

We’re a certified Google Partner, which means that you’re working with a professional team that can help you get the most of Google’s advertising platforms.

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