Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) is a new and powerful way to advertise on Google. It delivers ads based on a customer’s email behaviour and online purchases.

It can, for example, display ads for hotels for a particular destination after the user receives their electronic ticket for a flight to that destination.

You have three types of ads to choose from with GSP. First are Rich Promotion Ads, which displays ads in the desktop promotions tab of Gmail. Then there are Teaser Ads, which display an expanded ad that looks like an email when clicked. Finally, Fully Expanded Ads are similar to Teaser Ads, but allows you to embed videos, data capture, and a lot more to create a more powerful ad.

Since it’s Google, you can refine your campaign further to target specific demographics, domains, interests, devices, and a whole lot more. We can provide all these with the expertise you need since we are a certified Google Partner.