Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social network today in terms of reach and number of users. With Facebook Ads, it has also become one of the biggest advertising platforms online. It has close to 1 billion users worldwide, giving you an enormous customer base you can tap into with your ads.

At Marketing Lab, we’ll help you choose the right ads for the right audience based on your budget, goals, and other campaign requirements. You can target specific age groups, geographic locations, genders, personal interests, and much more.

We can help with every aspect of your campaign. This includes identifying your most ideal audience, and estimating their size, and the cost of advertising to them. We can also design Facebook ads for you that don’t just engage your customers, but also follow Facebook’s stringent advertising guidelines. Of course, we will also provide you with detailed reports on the progress of your campaigns, as well as the demographic data of who responds to your ads and page, and your ROI performance.

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