Despite the popularity of social media, search, and other marketing campaigns, email marketing remains a popular one because of its sheer effectiveness in capturing an interested audience. The reason is that people you send emails to are those who have shown interest in what you offer, be it your newsletter, a brochure, a quote, or something else altogether.

What’s more is that by capturing emails, you are able to build a database of highly motivated leads, which you can divide into segments so you deliver to them more targeted messages. Doing so increases the effectiveness of your campaigns further.

We can help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns by designing for you sleek email templates that blend seamlessly with your overall branding. In addition, we also offer an email marketing self-service system, which gives you more control over your email campaigns, including managing your subscribers, editing your messages, and sending them. The system is simple to use and we’ll train you so you can make the most of it.

Then there’s Google Sponsored Promotions, which places your ads directly in Gmail inboxes. You can reach your audience through any of the three types of ads Google provides: promotion ads, teaser ads, and fully expanded ads.

Since we love to constantly tweak our campaigns, we also let you do that in our system. You can view click-through rates, popular links, locations where your email has been opened, and the people who opened your emails. All these give you powerful data to further improve your campaigns and target your audience with even greater precision.